SOUP  **(Photo borrowed from Adjomi Photography)

SOUP: Thanksgiving Pre-Party

The bash began on Thanksgiving Eve as the blues, reggae, funk group, SOUP, played a FREE SHOW in downtown Cedarburg at The Stonewall Pub. This is part of an annual celebration for the band to embrace the holiday spirit among the fans who remained local and didn’t have to venture too far away on the big day.

The bar/venue was particularly crowded, but didn’t seem to pose any obstructions. The crowd was mixed this evening, composing of regular locals, band followers, parents of the band as well as family, and people visiting for the holiday weekend. There were few fans dancing in the front, but even the ones who weren’t still projected positive vibes. The general aura of the place had this happy vibe to it throughout the night, possibly due to the Thanksgiving holiday or positive nature of the band.

The members looked as if they were all genuinely loving every minute of their performance. Each gave unannounced glances to one another during intricately, powerful, jams which solidifies the connection between the artists.

During the show there was also FREE SOUP (Yes, real, edible, soup) supplied for those in attendance. The buffet cart was stationed just outside the rear of the establishment, and contained a variety of options including a broccoli/cheese concoction, a turkey-based chili recipe, and a dumpling style blend.

The large picture window just behind the band would accumulate a layer of frost which made it harder to see what was going on inside. This way people walking by would have to enter if they wanted to properly view and listen to what was actually happening in the Stonewall Pub.

As the evening wrapped up, the members gave one more shout out thanking all who came, and for everyone to have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!

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